Arc Flash Studies

Arc flash evaluation and arc flash risk assessment methodologies have been made more safer and clearer after extensive research by NFPA. The regular changes to the versions of NFPA 70E has made the procedures of analysis and implementation much safer and much easier for both the EHS and the operations department.

Arc flash protection study

The recent modifications in Arc flash category table compared to 2012 version of NFPA to 2015 clearly indicates not to implement both PPE table method and Incident energy levels method on same label.

With ref to these changes Arc flash hazard labels has to be designed very carefully as per the NFPA regulation. Arc flash protection levels need to be identified for each zone and Arc flash boundary chart to be created and pasted at all locations for identifying the Arc flash levels from the arc flash stickers and use appropriate arc flash PPE. There will not be much variation in the Arc flash study cost with reference to the methodology but the application may impact the pricing of it.