Electrical Arc flash signifies the passage of the current through the air gap between the conductors. The electrical arc is recognized as a high level of heat source around 35,000 ° F. Apart from the body burns there are other hazards associated with the arc flashes they are namely electrical shock, molten conductors, projectiles, blast, intense light, toxic gases, and vapors. There are many numbers of ways that an electric flash can occur but, through proper Arc flash analysis and risk assessment the preventive measures can be taken to eliminate the risks associated with Arc flashes.

The OSHA and NFPA 70E are the organizations that have regulated the rules and guidelines for assessing the arc flash analysis and software’s that help to assess, plan and mitigate the risk management plan to minimize the after effects of the Arc flashes. A good arc flash analysis consists of calculation through data collection, System modeling, System operating modes, Verification and loading, Short circuit study, Arc flash testing and Application, Arc flash labels and Determination of PPE helps to identify the occurrence of Arc flash and to conduct preventive measures to evict the hazard and to recover rapidly. In Recent changes of NFPA 70E standards of 2018 the PPE has been described in a separate table and the risk analysis and assessment is placed under another standard as it was difficult to predict the category of PPE and risk associated with it. In Oman region, there are many heavy Oil and Natural gas companies and the electrical equipment installed are to be tested and assessed as an arc flash is a contingency and cannot be predicted prior and the risks associated are very costly in terms of both Human Life and monetary aspects of the company.


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We at VB engineering are a team of certified professional engineers who have successfully taken up a set of projects under arc flash risk analysis and assessment, electrical safety audit, Short circuit studies, Relay coordination studies, Load flow analysis and Arc flash PPE. We are OHSAS 18001 certified engineering company. Our team tests, analyzes, identifies and proposes an appropriate electrical safety Plan to mitigate the risk of Arc flashes under the guidelines of NFPA 70E and OSHA compliance.