VB Engineering is pioneer in providing Arc Flash Risk assessment Services. Arc flash hazard analysis is the process of identifying, planning and mitigating the risks associated with the electrical arc flashes. The electrical arc flash is an explosion due to the passage of current between the air gaps in electrical conductors. The OSHA and NFPA 70E compliance standards have specified the categories and the preventive analysis measures to overcome the adverse effects of the arc flashes. The arc flash protection has to be provided by the employer to the employees who are supposed to get exposed to the arc flashes as there could a temperatures recorded at rate of 19000 degree centigrade which could cost the life of a person. In Saudi Arabia there are around 100 – 150 arc flash accidents every year.

Arc flash safety guidelines proposed by OSHA and NFPA 70E standards are the best suitable procedures where the arc flash hazards are categorised into different types based upon several parameters like intensity of the arc flash, the area affected, PPE required and the risk assessment procedures and the formulae for analysing the short circuit analysis, fault current calculation, faults calculation in power system etc. for the best suitable mitigation plan to recuperate from the arc flashes. The short circuits are one of the major reasons for the occurrence of the arc flashes the NFPA 70E standards including the arc flash analysis software suggest the best possible ways to accurately estimate the arc flash hazard analysis.

There are mainly 5 categories of arc flash hazards where PPE is specified for each category under the guidelines and practices of OSHA compliance and NFPA 70E standards recently there was an update in NPFA standard where the risk analysis and assessment are excluded to decide arc flash PPE. The arc flash mitigation plan includes the arc flash labels that are to be specified at the electrical equipment where there is a likely occurrence of arc flash. The labels should be set as a warning symbols with specified radius circle and the PPE mentioned on it. As these could drastically reduce the impact of the fire accident due to the flashes.


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VB engineering is an OHSAS 18001 certified company with a team of professional engineers. Our organization have successfully implemented projects in various domains for arc flash risk analysis and assessments, electrical safety audit, short circuit studies, relay coordination studies, load flow analysis and arc flash PPE calibration in Saudi Arabia. Our engineering team tests, analyses, identifies and proposes an appropriate electrical safety plan to mitigate the risk of arc flashes under the guidelines of NFPA 70E with OSHA compliance and IEEE standards. Our expertise consultancy in these specified areas are safety standards and report to meet up the International standards of employee’s safety thereby alleviating the risks of employer.